Suppress Demand for Trafficked People

A key strand of our strategy is to suppress demand for people who are trafficked for sexual exploitation. These are the key tactics that we are using. Please support us by spreading the lobby into your personal and professional networks using any of the information and links here.

We are lobbying to ban ‘sex for sale’ advertising which is used by traffickers to market the services of sex trafficking victims. It only takes a few moments to sign-up here.

There is information on the lobby rationale here and you can see the latest progress report plus the most recent bar chart showing lobby postcode distribution.

In summer 2012, supporters around the country surveyed their local press to better understand the extent, quantity and nature of sex for sale advertising. The results of the survey are here.

In March 2013, to mark International Women’s Day, the Purple Teardrop Campaign teamed up with ALOVE+, the Salvation Army’s Youth Movement, to encourage supporters to cut out sex for sale adverts from their local press and send them to the local editor and publishing house chairman with an accompanying letter asking them to stop publication of these adverts which are potentially marketing trafficked women and girls for sex.

UK legislation makes it an offence to purchase sex from a trafficked person or a person coerced into prostitution, and arrests have already been made. In order that trafficking victims can continue to be rescued, anyone suspecting trafficking activity can report their concerns in confidence to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.