Raise Awareness

We raise awareness of sex trafficking to the general public, the voluntary sector, frontline workers and faith groups through presentations and by use of our posters, leaflets and purple teardrop pinbadges.

Please help us to raise awareness by purchasing and wearing our pin badges. When you wear a purple teardrop, you are showing that you care for and support trafficked victims and that you are willing to help stop people trafficking.

You can also help raise awareness by;

  • Displaying our posters and distributing our leaflets in prominent locations in your local community
  • Holding an awareness-raising event for example in your shopping centre

Purple Teardrop Campaign pins, posters and materials are suitable for use by voluntary, community and faith groups. Russian pop star Valeriya, also Goodwill Envoy for the Russian Federation on behalf of the International Organisation for Migration to combat human trafficking, has given the Purple Teardrop Campaign permission to use ‘Back to Love’. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_1nvevRGEw