What We Do

With so many pressing issues on policing and government radars, one of the Purple Teardrop Campaign’s key aims is to make the public aware of the endemic nature of human trafficking. Our actions range from seminars and presentations to articles in frontline professionals’ magazines and press interviews. We aim to inspire influential groups – such as Soroptimists, Rotarians, WI members and student groups – to raise public awareness even more.

We work with and communicate with influencers and decision-makers with representation on the UKHTC (UK Human Trafficking Centre) Prevention Group and other consultative groups. We have a portfolio of work on issues including the needs for more stringent vetting of tourist materials and to ban sex for sale advertising.

Raising awareness on human trafficking can result in the public noticing suspected human trafficking activity. Perhaps traffickers moving victims on, perhaps customers visiting, perhaps closed curtains … by advising Crimestoppers or the police, you’re giving trafficked victims a chance to be rescued. Once rescued, victims are in need of safe housing and a long programme of treatment to begin the healing process, both physical and psychological. Government-funded safe housing in the UK is run through the Salvation Army.

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