About Us

‘Stop the Trafficking, Stop the Tears, Free Them from their Tormented Years’ are the poignant words written by a member of Soroptimist International at the outset of our campaign against human trafficking in 2008, and which are repeated in part alongside our purple teardrop icon now.

The teardrop represents the suffering of those women and children who are trafficked, exploited and abused throughout the world, including in our local communities. Why purple? The Purple Teardrop Campaign is a Soroptimist International initiative and follows the work against human trafficking done by European and Northern England Soroptimists whose campaign colours and ribbons are purple.

One of the cornerstones of Soroptimist International’s work is the objective to ‘end human trafficking and all forms of violence against women and girls’.

The Purple Teardrop Campaign’s patron is the celebrated writer Louis de Bernieres who has expressed his deep concern about human trafficking and in particular the desperate suffering of trafficked victims.

We are very grateful to Louis de Bernieres for his support for our work.

‘The trafficking of women for prostitution is an evil practice that no-one could condone. These women have to endure repeated humiliation and degradation. Their rights to aspire to happiness and a decent standard of living are ignored. They are cut off from their families and friends. They are subject to violence and to enforced drug-addiction. They have their hopes crushed and, even if they are lucky enough to escape, are emotionally scarred forever. This particularly heartless kind of slavery is something abhorrent, and brings shame upon any society that tolerates it. The Purple Teardrop campaign has my complete support.’

Louis de Bernieres

July 2009

The Purple Teardrop Campaign is Registered Charity no 1141695 Company Registration No 07496934