13 / 3 / 2013

Anya 17 goes to Germany

Anya17 will  be performed amidst the stunning landscape of Thuringia at Kammerspiele des  Meininger Theater in Meiningen with a cast  from Theater Meiningen. The run will start on November 28th 2013 and finish on  February 8th 2014.

The Meiningen Court  Orchestra is one of the oldest and most tradition rich orchestras in Europe. Founded in  1690 by Duke Bernhard I, this elite 70-strong orchestra has attracted composers  such as Johannes  Brahms and  musical direction from such luminaries as  Hans von  BülowMax Reger and Richard  Strauss.  The visionary Philippe Bach has been the Music Director since  2010.

The confirmed dates  so far are: Nov 28th 2013, Dec 8th 2013, Dec 14th 2013, Jan 10th 2014, Feb 8th 2014

It is hoped that performances in other countries will follow.

Congratulations Anya 17!

14 / 4 / 2013

Anya17 is going west

The USA premiere of the  award-winning opera Anya17 has been confirmed for June next  year.

Anya17 will be performed in San Francisco by Opera Parallèle over June  July 2014, highlighting the very serious contemporary issue of humantTrafficking  on the West Coast.

California is a top destination for human trafficking in the  United States, and within California itself, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los  Angeles have the highest rates of human trafficking.

Anya17’s Composer Adam Gorb expressed his horror over the US  trafficking statistics, and said that “This is very exciting news. I’m  thrilled that this work which is dealing with a world-wide problem is now  reaching audiences around the globe.”

In addition to those trafficked into the USA from foreign  countries every year, an estimated 100,000 children in the States today are  victims of sex trafficking within US borders, with another 200,000 at risk. The  victims are primarily adolescent girls between the ages of 12 and 16. The  average age of entry for children deceived and coerced into the sex trade is a  mere 12 years. Approximately 80% of human trafficking victims are women and  girls and up to 50% are minors.

Anya17’s Librettist Ben Kaye added “Whilst these  statistics are truly appalling, numbers simply cannot convey the victims’  suffering; statistics don’t let us penetrate the thick fog and truly look into  their eyes. When their stories are told, we hope that legislators and members of  the public alike will be moved to act.”

20 / 2 / 2013

Anya17 Nominated for Prestigious Award


Hot on the heels of Anya17’s  recent ‘Best  Stage or Film Production’ Media Award  win at The House of Commons  presented by the Human  Trafficking Foundation , this challenging opera reflecting the terrible  reality of Sex Trafficking in the EU has just been nominated for the UK’s most  prestigious Classical Music Award.

The Royal Philharmonic Society  (RPS) Music Awards are the highest recognition for live classical  music-making in the United Kingdom and were set up in 1989 to celebrate the  outstanding musical achievements of British and International musicians.

Anya17’s composer Adam Gorb commented “This is an extremely  exciting time for Anya17, with  performances in both Germany and Romania scheduled for later this year. To have  been informed yesterday of this award nomination, particularly an RPS award, is  wonderful news and a great honour in itself.”

Librettist Ben Kaye continued “In terms of  Classical music in the UK, this is equivalent in scale to an Oscar nomination.  The news is a terrific validation of the inspiration, skill, dedication and very  hard work put in by everyone involved in Anya17. Whether we stand there on the  podium on the day or not, this is a great opportunity to raise awareness of  Human Trafficking.”

Director Caroline  Clegg added “I am delighted to learn of this prestigious nomination and that  through the power of music we can continue to give voice to those who cannot  speak for themselves. The Conductor Clark Rundell, the  Cast, the Ensemble  10/10 and our fantastic Volunteers should all  feel very proud of what they have already achieved, and what we will continue to  achieve in shining a bright light on this vile, hidden ‘trade’, which by its  very nature can only flourish in the darkness.”

Anya17 was written to raise  awareness of the estimated 700,000 women and young girls trafficked into the EU  every year. Human Trafficking is a secretive £20,000,000,000 industry which is  second only in scope to the Drugs trade.  Anya17 is officially supported by  eleven national and international NGOs and bodies including The United  Nations.

Each RPS Award is decided by an  eminent jury from the music profession and the list of winners since 1989 reads  as a roll call of the finest living composers and musicians.  One of the  world’s oldest music societies, the RPS celebrates its 200th anniversary this year.

The Society’s media partners, BBC  Radio 3, carry extensive coverage of the Awards including a full length  programme which focuses on the winners. The Awards will be presented on May  14th at a dinner at the Dorchester Hotel, London.

Press Contact: Ben Kaye –  Tel: 07880 742252 – Email: info@librettist.co.uk – Website: www.anya17.co.uk (includes behind-the-scenes  footage). High quality Video, Audio and Stills available upon  request.

Anya17 Live Performance  Showreel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFzeFMTDB2E

Blog Post Link: http://anya17.co.uk/blog/?p=822

27 / 5 / 2012

Anya17 – Montage from the Manchester Performance

Eight minute ‘Show Reel’ from Anya17 which portrays human trafficking through Opera.

28 / 3 / 2012

Sunday Times Review of Anya17

The Sunday Times reviewed Anya17 following performances in Liverpool and Manchester.

21 / 2 / 2012

Tony Lloyd MP on Anya17

Interview with Tony Lloyd, MP for Central Manchester, talking about Anya17’s goal to raise awareness of sex trafficking.

15 / 2 / 2012

Anya17 World Premiere in Liverpool on 7 March

The world premiere of Anya17 is at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool on 7 March. A second performance takes place on 9 March in Manchester. As Ben Kaye so poignantly states – ‘Let’s make these silent victims’ voices heard.’ Read more in the Anya17 press release.

11 / 2 / 2012

Anya17 Cast Meets Trafficking Victims

The cast of Anya17 recently met trafficking victims. The blog written by Amy Webber who plays Elena reflects their admiration of the survivors’ bravery and their determination that Anya17 is not just an opera, it’s a campaign.

26 / 1 / 2012

Partnership with Anya17

The Purple Teardrop Campaign has partnered with Anya17, a new opera which aims to expose the desperate plight of sex trafficking victims in the UK. Watch video

7 / 9 / 2010

Stay Informed

Keep yourself informed on issues relating to human trafficking on the following sites:

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Resource pack for teachers designed to provide a clear, comprehensive set of lessons that will help students explore and understand the issue of human trafficking.


Visual media and radio

A film designed to protect children and young people who might be vulnerable to sexual exploitation

While many films on the subject are often distressing and difficult to watch, this film draws in the audience with its animated fairy tale style and music before hitting home with its serious message

Watch Behind the Smile video

Watch Vicktor Malerik’s interview, ‘The Johns’

Barnado’s on the sexual grooming of children in the UK

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Flash mob in Trafalgar Square organised by Love 146

UK Human Trafficking Centre

The UK Human Trafficking Centre, run by SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency) is a multi-agency responsible for co-ordinating the UK government’s work against trafficking

United Nations

United Nations Overview on Human Trafficking


A21, an organisation that works on human trafficking prevention and provides safe housing and a helpline in Greece

Organisation promoting the eradication of slavery

Churches Alert of Sex Trafficking across Europe

End Child Prostitution and Trafficking

The Medaille Trust, working to support victims freed from trafficking

The Salvation Army’s anti human trafficking work

Global coalition fighting human trafficking

Information on Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, a leading campaigner for the abolition of slavery

Unchosen raises awareness of human trafficking through film, documentaries, interviews and Q&A sessions

A charity that sells products handmade by women and girls who have been rescued from the sex trade. The money that the women generate through making handicrafts is enough for them to make a living and any profits go back to rescue organisations in order to rescue and train up other women.


Hopes and Dreams for Everyone, a Soroptimist International initiative supporting young people in Moldova
Powerpoint presentation

Guersney Against Sex Trafficking


Purple Teardrop Ban Sex for Sale Advertising Survey Results

Overseas Issues

Information on Restavek child slavery in Haiti

Information on the Deuki system in Nepal

Information on Juju in Nigeria