Inspirational work by SI Paisley

Purple Teardrop Campaign / Love Me/Love Me Not Bookmarks and Credit Cards.

SI Paisley ordered 2,000 bookmarks  with the Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline number on them, and 600 credit cards which had labels with the Scottish Helpline number added to them.

The following groups were given cards/bookmarks:


STAR project (local women’s support group) 100  cards / 100 bookmarks

Renfrewshire Women’s Association for AGM

Reclaim the Night goody bags 250 bookmarks

Renfrewshire Council 100 bookmarks

Local libraries  500 bookmarks

Women’s Aid 100 cards / 100 bookmarks

Women and Children First 100 cards / 100 bookmarks

Glasgow Airport Police 50 cards / 150 bookmarks

More will be distributed as appropriate.

SI Paisley supported Renfrewshire’s first ever Reclaim the Night walk on Monday 25 November. Members provided support as marshalls on the walk, and manned a stall at Paisley Town Hall to promote Soroptimism, the Purple Teardrop Campaign and Human Trafficking and collected a small number of signatures for the ban sex for sale advertising petition.

The first picture includes five Paisley Soroptimists with the Provost and the second picture shows SI Paisley’s President on the left.



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