Stafford Soroptimists’ Petition

The Purple Teardrop Camaign wholeheartedly supports SI Stafford which is conducting a petition to highlight five areas of concern in relation to women and girls, including Modern Day Slavery and the Sex Trade.

The petition reads: ‘I call on Government to ensure that the perpetrators of Violence Against Women are brought to Justice’

The aim is: To keep ‘Violence Against Women’ high on the Government’s agenda; to ensure that the guidelines, statutory regulations, and policies accompanying legislation to protect women and girls are developed and robustly applied, and to regularly assess the effectiveness of the guidance by monitoring and reporting on referrals and outcomes.

Here are the relevant documents:
– The petition
– A suggested lobbying letter to MPs
– A summary statement

Please feel free to download. Please return signed forms to SI Stafford by 1st March 2014.

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