Anya 17 goes to Germany

Anya17 will  be performed amidst the stunning landscape of Thuringia at Kammerspiele des  Meininger Theater in Meiningen with a cast  from Theater Meiningen. The run will start on November 28th 2013 and finish on  February 8th 2014.

The Meiningen Court  Orchestra is one of the oldest and most tradition rich orchestras in Europe. Founded in  1690 by Duke Bernhard I, this elite 70-strong orchestra has attracted composers  such as Johannes  Brahms and  musical direction from such luminaries as  Hans von  BülowMax Reger and Richard  Strauss.  The visionary Philippe Bach has been the Music Director since  2010.

The confirmed dates  so far are: Nov 28th 2013, Dec 8th 2013, Dec 14th 2013, Jan 10th 2014, Feb 8th 2014

It is hoped that performances in other countries will follow.

Congratulations Anya 17!

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