'Stop the Trafficking, Stop the Tears, Free Them from their Tormented Years'

The prime objective of the Purple Teardrop Campaign is to promote human rights and its focus is the infringement of human rights suffered by the victims of people trafficking. In turn, the Campaign has four main aims:

  • Raise awareness among the general public of the plight of women and children who are trafficked
  • Try to suppress the demand for trafficked women by making men who use prostitutes aware that they could be contributing to this trade
  • Promote the Crimestoppers number, 0800 555 111, so that members of the public can give confidential information on locations where they think trafficked women are being exploited
  • Support the safe houses which provide holistic care for victims who have been freed from trafficking

There are many ways in which you can contribute to help us achieve the Purple Teardrop Campaign aims:

  • Take part in our business chain awareness raiser with mobile phone service providers.
  • Stay informed – more detailed information is on our ‘What is Human Trafficking’ page and the Resources section  includes links to key organisations with similar objectives to our own
  • Purchase Purple Teardrop Campaign posters and pin-badges to both help increase awareness and raise funds for victim safe housing – go to ‘What You Can Do'
  • Join our e-mail list of people prepared to lobby on human trafficking issues – sign up here
  • Sign our ban 'sex for sale advertisements' lobby. Many 'sex for sale' advertisements are placed by traffickers and so contribute to the demand for sexually exploited women and children - sign our lobby here
  • Put the Crimestoppers number – 0800 555 111 – into your mobile and report suspected trafficking activity

The Purple Teardrop Campaign is Registered Charity no 1141695, Company Registration No 07496934. c/o Community Action Network, Floor 3, Beech House, 28-30 Wimborne Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 2BU (nb our PO box number is no longer in use).